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COVID-19 The Emperor’s New Clothes

 False Pandemic Vaccine Fraud Leading To Slavery Worse Than Death Unless We Wake Up & Push Back, Which We Can Do! “Give me liberty or give me death!” Canadian Governments Sued Over COVID – 19: Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati Files Claim Against Government for COVID – 19 Unlawful Acts Trudeau & Canadian Government Sued Over COVID Measures; Sets Worldwide […]

Revolutionary Patents Have Been Granted To The U.S. Navy

Five Previously Suppressed “Impossible Technologies” Have Been Released By the Navy Into the Public Arena:  Electromagnetic Propulsion & Shielding, Craft Using an Inertial Mass Reduction Device (Anti-gravity), Room Temperature Superconductors (Massive Energy Storage) & Nuclear Fusion (Free Energy) Public Patent Granted September 26, 2019:  Plasma Compression Fusion Device Public Patent Granted November 20, 2018:  Electromagnetic […]