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We hope to add more region based full disclosure groups and organizations to our site soon. Contact us if you would like your’s listed too.

We recommend checking out our Full Disclosure Organization Idea List for getting active with grassroots disclosure,

Proposed Steps for Creating Local Full Disclosure Organizations

  1. Begin working toward starting local groups ans organizations around UFOs, spiritual growth and Full Disclosure by networking in your local community.
  2. Search for higher consciousness groups in your area, by checking, NewEarth.Network, local and online event boards, postings at local healing or spiritual centers, in order to identify where the awakening souls are already gathering.
  3. Attend meetings of existing groups to meet others who may be interested in the topics of UFOs, advanced technologies, expanded consciousness and Full Disclosure.
  4. Ask questions of others about their search for truth, while noting the role of topics like UFOs, suppressed technologies, spiritual paradigms, and full disclosure in your own awakening, to guage the interest of others.
  5. When you find others who are interested, discuss forming or co-organizing a local UFO, spiritual, Full Disclosure group or organization.
  6. Research existing group meeting venues and check websites of restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, schools, etc. Also ask for feedback from others on the best meetup venues.
  7. Start a monthly discussion group around ETs, UFOs, technology and spirituality topics (or help publicize an existing group) and post your events through (more details on Meetup here), New Earth Network (, on bulletin boards, public service announcements, etc.
  8. Expand your group over time, and identify a core team of interested individuals who may be open to getting more active and assisting with organizing.
  9. Brainstorm goals, procedures, plans, resources, names & ideas for accelerating Disclosure at the local, state, national and global levels.
  10. Research other successful activist & community organizations for ideas.
  11. Solicit ideas from others experienced at founding community organizations including knowledgeable attorneys and group organizers.

Also check out the video below created to provide an outline for many of these steps and more of what is involved.

Start a Meetup, or a Nonprofit Corporation, or Both

If you align with our mission and would like assistance with forming a Full Disclosure organization then we can assist you with starting a meetup group, a nonprofit corporation or both.

Additional Resources

Educate yourself and others on the evidence

Pass out DVDs

Pass out Flyers

Contact your Congressman