Full Disclosure International

We are a 501c4 nonprofit effort to rally and support organizations worldwide seeking a Full Disclosure of all aspects of UFO/UAP technology, secret space programs, unacknowledged and illegal government programs, and all high-tech clandestine industries contracting from the government without any representative oversight.

We know this is not an easy task, and feel that we must begin to work together more towards raising the global consciousness around these topics to ease the greater transition towards a world ready for these suppressed truths.

We recommend reviewing our goals and more information about us, or getting involved and connected through the links or form below. This map shows groups and organizations worldwide expressing interest in assisting disclosure efforts, and it is a work in progress.

Joining the Full Disclosure Movement

Do you have a Full Disclosure related group or organization you would like listed on our site? Let us know.

Are you interested in learning more, starting your own full disclosure group or organization, or generally assisting with the Full Disclosure movement? Let us know with the form below, or jump in and check out our suggestions for getting started.