The Right To Count – Documentary on Electronic Voting

2006 Documentary film by Richard Van Slyke on Democracy Vs. Electronic Voting.

Throughout the history of civilization, people have organized themselves, sometimes by will, sometimes against their will, in societies as diverse as one can imagine: tribes, kingdoms, theocracies, dictatorships, communism, socialism, republics…

But of all the systems that have been tried over the centuries, one has emerged as the campion of freedom and equality: democracy. The right for each citizen to elect a representative who will act in the best interest of those who elected him or her.

So what happens when the voting process is taken over by private companies that control the vote count, and the citizens are not allowed to verify if their vote was cast as they intended?

This documentary is a step by step analysis of the emerging technologies that have creeped up to disenfranchise the voters. Their flaws have been scrutinized by the top computer security experts in the U.S., and a growing number of alarmed citizens have been keeping track of anomalies that occur when those machines are in use. If you care about democracy, you might be surprised.

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